The content on this site is structured into two main groups:

  1. Fixed, general orienting material. This is covered by the site Introduction as well as the pages in the top menu.
  2. Daily and weekly posts that are grouped according to category. You can choose a particular category of posts to view by using the Categories dropdown in the navigation menu on the top right. You can also run searches there.

While posts may relate to a number of categories, they’re typically classified according to which categories they most relate to. A post that belongs to the Economics category, for instance, also has some relation to philosophy and ethics, but won’t be included in these categories if that’s not its main focus.

Two categories are more general than the others: these are Blog and Video. These categories refer to post mediums: all written material is placed in Blog and all videos are assigned to Video.

Both include all other categories, which relate to subjects. So, for example, you won’t find a post that’s only assigned the Blog category. It will also have at least one other category, such as Economics or Philosophy to capture the main topic of the post.

Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology

Links to the site’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Disclaimer appear in the top menu. The Disclaimer makes clear that HS doesn’t necessarily agree with all the material that this sites links or refers to, including ads. That material often provides useful information, much HS highly regards, but may also contain references to things HS doesn’t agree with, such as animal use or forms of socialism.

The Fountainhead