Terms and Disclaimer

This page set outs the terms under which this site operates and a disclaimer about other sites and material (such as books) this site refers to.

  1. The philosophical orientation of this site is primarily based on the work of Ayn Rand, and to a lesser extent, Som Per’s application of her work to other animals.
  2. By using this site you agree to act with good intentions, be courteous to people commenting and not swear. If you act maliciously—for example, by hacking this site, you may be reported to law enforcement authorities.
  3. Comments are moderated. Any that abuse others or swear won’t be approved. If you do this repeatedly, you may be banned.
  4. This site advocates rights for both humans and other animals, and a government that doesn’t interfere with them. That means one restricted to maintaining police, army and a legal system.
  5. As such, this site opposes material that encourages animal use, the regulation of that use (animal ‘welfare’), or other rights violations (against humans or other animals). That includes intervention in the economy and other areas of society beyond the police, military and legal system.
  6. Links to material outside this site, including other websites and ads, don’t necessarily imply full, or even partial, endorsement.
  7. This includes videos and other material created by animal groups. Several groups, for example, suggest cutting down on animal products, eating less flesh, becoming vegetarian, eating ‘kindly’ or trying plant-based food, all of which are subjective positions. If animal use is just a personal preference, it may be unpleasant, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Understood as a violation of the non-aggression principle and individualism, however, it’s clearly wrong, and concerned people can address this by becoming vegan (not reducing their animal use).
  8. Material here is both original and from other sites. This site’s own material operates under a Creative Commons license of CC (Creative Commons) by NC (non-commercial) and ND (No Derivation), which means you’re free to copy and use it for non-commercial purposes provided you don’t modify it, say where it comes from, and provide a link back to the material on this site.
  9. Holographic Society takes part in various affiliate advertising programs, including the Amazon Services Associates Program. HS posts links to products that are part of these programs and earns commissions on any sales.
  10. Use your discretion in evaluating ads. They may promote products that you find useful, but also have elements both you and HS disagrees with. By using this site you agree that we don’t provide any guarantees as to the nature of the ads and expect you to use your judgement in deciding what to accept and reject.
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